Somerville YMCA
101 Highland Ave | Somerville, MA 02143
P.P. 617-625-5050 | F.F. 617-628-2234

The Y @PHA

Program Time:
  • 3:00 to 6:00pm,  Mon – Fri
  • School closure time until 6pm on Early release Wednesdays
Program Location:
  • PHA’s Early Childhood Campus (Webster Ave.)
  • PHA’s Upper Elementary Campus (Franklin St.)
Program Ages:
  • Kindergarten to 6th grade
Program Cost:
  • Weekly rate for 5 days per week is $105.00
  • The private rate for two days is: $50.00 per week
  • The private rate for three days is: $70.00 per week
  • The private rate for 4 days is: $90.00 per week

February and April vacation weeks

  • Tuesday-Friday, total cost of $190.00
Contact Info:


We are excited to introduce The Y @PHA – a new partnership between PHA and the Somerville YMCA. Starting in September 2017, the Somerville YMCA will be running The Y @PHA, an Out-of-School-Time child care program located at PHA’s Early Childhood Campus and the Upper Elementary Campus. The Y @PHA is exclusively for PHA students and will replace the school’s current OST program. It will offer high-quality homework help, enrichment, and recreational programming – every day after school, on all half-day Wednesdays, and during all school vacations.

There are five (5) required forms that must be filled out completely prior to your child attending the program. Please fill out and either email the application to,  regular mail, send to 101 Highland Ave Somerville, MA 02143 or return the application to the front desk at the Somerville YMCA. You can download the OST Application Form here.


Please Note the following Frequently Asked Questions document has been revised! The program will now close at 6:00 pm.  Enrollment can be 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. Registration documents will be available on June 16th.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Y@PHA program be open on the first day of school September 5, 2017?
Will the Y@PHA be open the last week of school?
Will the Y@PHA be open during school vacations?
When will parents receive information about school year registration?
When are parent information sessions?
How do parents register for the Y@PHA?
Will there be enough spaces for people who want to register?
What happens if I don’t register my child by the first application deadline?
Can students enroll for only certain days, for example, just Tuesdays and Thursdays?
Is the program open to non-PHA students or siblings?
How do billing and payment work?
Who are the people working at the Y@PHA?
How much does the program cost?
How will vouchers work?
How can I find out about vouchers?
Will there be sibling discounts?
Will there be other financial aid options?
What will the hours be?
Can parents pick up before 6:00?
What will the structure of the program be?
Does the Clarendon Hill Towers discount apply to the Y@PHA?
Is there the ability to have choice in programming?
How will the weekly programming be communicated?
How do medical needs work?
If my child is absent from school, do I have to call them absent separately?